1) What did the first McNinjas utilize as weapons?


Frozen Four-leaf Clovers

Beer Keg Nunchukus

Goat Horn Tonfas

2) King Radical is the most radical man in all of the ______.

Fantastical World

Cumberland, Maryland

Radical Land


3) What is the adolescent disease that Dr. McNinja treats?

Jolly Roger's Syndrome

Paul Bunyan's Disease

The Mummy's Curse

Super Mario-itis

4) Why do the McNinjas celebrate Katananaka on Thanksgiving?

So they still get the day off

So they still eat turkey

So they still watch football

So it's easy to remember

5) What is the name of Judy's kitten?




Ice Cream Cake

6) Gordito hails from what type of people?

Raptor-riding banditos

Race of tricky lobster people

Doctors who are also ninjas

Motorcycle-riding luchadors

7) Ninjas can't catch you if ______.

You ride raptors

Surf on Dracula robots

You're on fire

Wield chainsaw nunchukus

8) How did Gordito grow his mustache of authority?

Persuasive argument

Severe stress

Sheer force of will

Training with the McNinjas

9) Who is DrMcNinja's mentor?

Bee Man

The Clone of Ben Franklin


Abe Lincoln's Evil Twin

10) Why did Chuck Goodrich become mayor of Cumberland?

To make it match his radical vision

To intercept Dinosaur Astronauts

To stop Blizzardbeard

To build the Zombie Defense System